TBBCoach411.com/Coach Monthly Redesign

TBB Coach 411 / Coach Monthly


The Coach Monthly email is the Team Beachbody Coach Network newsletter and accompanying website (tbbcoach411.com). The website consists of the most important news and tips to follow, using the 4 step ‘Vital Process’ system as a guide. My role was to research, redesign and test both the email and website. I collaborated with project managers and developer to launch this project for the first of the year (2017).

The Problem

Engagement of our monthly newsletter was slowly decreasing over the last 6 months. After looking at all of our current communications channels, I discovered that we are a bit disjointed in how we communicate to our Coaches. The best approach for our newsletter was to provide clear, actionable tips and examples to help grow their business, and to ensure our engagement stays high. The biggest challenge with this project was to decide what to include and what to leave out.

The Solution

We made the decision to tie our monthly messages to our 4 ‘Vital Behaviors’ for focus instead of a laundry list of items to learn and memorize, with minimal images or other distractions. After a redesign of both the email and website with the emphasis on mobile, unique pageviews jumped 175% from the previous month and the open rate improved (averaging 27%) to 34%.

My Role

Research, design, develop and test (user testing, A/B testing) the landing page and email related to the project. I collaborated with our communications team, product manager and engineering to launch this project.


Sketch, InVision, OmniGraffle, Photoshop.

Design Planning and Research

I conducted research on three of our most relevant competitors to see if we could integrate anything that we’re not already doing. This lead me to conclude that we need to tighten up antd reduce some of our messaging so we don’t overwhelm new Coaches just starting the business.

Create a Persona

Based on the competitive research of the project and multiple user interviews from a similar website redesign, the ‘New Coach’ persona was developed. This helped me to decide what to focus on while designing the website and email while keeping the end user always in mind.
New Coach Persona

Create User Flow

Next steps included a quick user flow for both mobile and desktop experiences to show a typical user journey once the email landed in their inbox.
User Flow

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Faced with a tight deadline, I started out with low-fidelity wireframes to come up with some simpler layouts and navigation, which worked out well to move through iterations quickly.

Based on feedback, I then discovered that we needed to make the content even simpler and more concise, providing tips and information for the month that would be useful to help both new and existing Coaches grow their business (emphasis on new Coaches).

High-Fidelity Mockups/Interactive Prototype

Once we came to an agreement for the basic layout and content, I moved on to high-fidelity mockups based on assets gathered and refined in the planning stage. I then created interactive prototypes using InVision for feedback and testing among the team.
CM-InVisionView Hi-Fidelity Prototype