Team Beachbody Cup Promotion

Team Beachbody Cup


The Team Beachbody Cup is a month-long team contest where Coaches have the chance to work together and push themselves to exceed their personal best. Coaches form teams, set goals and hold each other accountable as they earn Success Club Points and Cup Points throughout the month. Held twice a year, eligible Coaches have the opportunity to earn exciting rewards and grow their business.

The Problem

In order to keep interest high and Coaches engaged, we decided to update the design and logo, with the recognition aspect front and center once the promotion was launched. A mobile version was also a priority.

The Solution

Ultimately the landing page was created for pre and post launch versions so that Coaches could get up to speed before the launch and also see their point totals on a Leaderboard that was updated weekly.

My Role

UI/UX Designer, Web Designer


Sketch, OmniGraffle, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver.

Design Planning and Research

The marketing team and I explored new directions through collaboration and wireframes. The decision was made to continue to have two versions of the landing page, both a pre and post launch version with a Leaderboard showing the top 25 teams for the duration of the promotion.


TBB Cup-Wireframes
Old Version
Old Version
New Version
New Version
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