Team Spirit Promotion:
November 2016


  • The redesign informed by the UX research resulted in 38,050 individual Coaches & 464 total teams (20+) participating
  • Increased use of new MyChallengeTracker app for tracking workouts and Shakeology activity
  • Increased sales for Core De Force Challenge Packs and Shakeology HD starts


Team Spirit was a fall promotion that got Coaches to team up and be recognized as the year’s Team Spirit Champion (minimum 20 members). The landing page consisted of various leaderboards and full participant list. Weekly emails were sent throughout November with updated point totals for each team. Social assets were created for weekly posts in our social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). This project launched on November 1st, 2016.


Create more excitement around our annual Fall competition and get more Coaches to sign up new prospects, and earning Success Club Points, which translates into more income for them.

After reviewing the lackluster response to our last ‘Fall Classic’ campaign we decided (based on user feedback) to go with a more feminine look, since the majority of our Coaches are female and the Cup and Fall Classic campaigns skewed more on the masculine side. We also made it a priority to think ‘mobile first’ so everything would look good on all devices.




Switching to a more feminine look using lighter pastel colors, Team Spirit had much a better response. Pageviews and email opens jumped 4% from the Fall Classic and the email open rate improved from 17K to 21K, compared to the last Fall Classic campaign.




Role: UX/UI Designer, Web Designer

Brief: Design a new logo, landing page, email templates, and social assets with a softer, more feminine feel.

Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator

Industry: Health

Country: USA, Canada

UX Challenge: Create the Team Spirit competition into a more exciting customer experience that gets new and existing Coaches into groups of no more than 20 to compete for prizes and recognition: less masculine and with the emphasis on getting more Success Club Points.

Deliverables: Desktop and mobile template wireframes, sketches, social assets and final designs.


UI/UX: Toby Hernandez

Developer: Martin Zarate

VP of Marketing: Caroline Green

Senior Marketing Manager: Jennifer Zinchuk


User Flow

We started with examining the user flow to ensure a simple user journey would be achieved.

User Flow


Next, after researching our past quarterly contests, we thought it would be a good idea to go with a softer, more feminine look, since both the Fall Classic the Team Cup were skewing a bit on the masculine side and not mobile friendly, which made viewing the leaderboard a challenge. Based on positive feedback once it was launched, we believe it was the right call.



Once we came to an agreement for the basic layout and content, and faced with a tight timeline, we went straight to high fidelity prototypes for testing among the team.



Key Takeaways

The biggest challenge with this project was to decide how to generate excitement and momentum for Coaches and keep things “fresh”. The decision was made to cater to the female audience more layout wise, which is what most of our Coaches are.

While conducting research, we noticed that the Cup and Fall Classic were a bit more on the masculine side, even though the majority of Coaches are women. With that in mind, the Team Spirit assets were created with softer pastel colors. Final Coach participation: 38,050 individual Coaches & 464 total teams (20+).